Groestlcoin – Shitcoin Review

Today we’ll be reviewing a coin that has been requested by quite a few members of our community.

Comin’ in hot with another shitty name: Groestlcoin. An excellent name that is super shitty for marketing and will hurt chances of mass adoption. It’s great having a name that you need to spell 5 times for people to learn about it….

Despite the shit name, it is considered an OG coin that has admittedly had a pretty consistent history considering the waves that occur in the crypto wold.


Let’s dig in…

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SmartCash – Shitcoin Review

“ANOTHER ONE” – DJ Khaled.

This is often what comes to mind when we learn that another privacy coin is gaining traction.


SmartCrash..I MEAN SmartCash.

Credit ‘SmartCrash’ to Lucca, a fellow shithead in our Telegram who coined that.

Also, if you are not in our Telegram, get the heck in there. We can chat live….we’re basically always on…


Anyways, let’s dig in…

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Dash – Shitcoin Review

Let’s dive into some more private shit.

This is a solid coin that we are sure you know about. If you don’t then please unsubscribe from our mailing list.

Today’s coin is DASH.

Let’s dig in….

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Useless Ethereum Token – Shitcoin Review

Alright, lately we have been reviewing mid-tier shitcoins.

The reason is partially because MOST coins are indeed mid-tier, it’s obviously a bell curve…

We’ll chat more about that as we fine tune our shittiness algo and release it 😉

BUT…we figured we should start throwing some more shitcoins in the mix….bring more of the savage and humor.

That’s exactly why the perfect segue (we wanted to type segway…or segwit..) is to review the Useless Ethereum Token (UET).

Yessir, that is the name of a real token, listed on HitBTC, that people trade.

WARNING: most shitcoins are not this obvious. Most are more clever and use crap jargon that we will call out in the future.


Anyways, let’s dig in to UET!

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Enjin Coin – Shitcoin Review

Happy Friday shitheads!

We started our whiskey drinking a bit earlier today.

As we get drunker, the more we want to start our weekends…go to the bar, hangout, maybe play some video games.


What a segway to our coin review of the day: Enjin Coin. Aiming to make video games better with moneyyy!


Let’s dig gin…

I mean let’s dig in….although we do like gin

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Namecoin – Shitcoin Review

Ever wish you owned

Well…so do we (lol), but thanks to this project, there might be a whole new opportunity for domain names ending with “.bit”

Today we will briefly discuss Namecoin, an OG coin.

Let’s dig in…

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Steemit – Shitcoin Review

We like steam powered boats.

We like steam powered cars.

And we like social media which is powered by STEEM.

Get it? 😀 (sorry, sometimes dad jokes are necessary)

Today’s coin review is Steem….


Let’s dig in..

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