Do I Own a Shitcoin?

The Blockchain Industry. Do You Get It?

Jan 07, 2019

Hey guys - instead of a coin review, satire, or a technical explanation, we quickly want to touch upon the blockchain industry and how disruptive of a market it really is.

Yes, there are altcoins, yes there are ICOs, yes there are STOs, yes there are dApps, but that’s actually not all there is to it. Most people don’t understand, have the foresight, or can even articulate what is really going on behind the scenes and what lots of companies are competitively trying to build.

Here is what it is - semi-private blockchains.

There are many companies, entrepreneurs and hustlers trying to get small to medium sized business to pay a recurring fee, or one-time fee to join in on a pooled network that can save them money whether the network is simply for using computing power to host data, or a more niche network for IoT or certain types of supply chain (which yes, there are cryptos trying to do). BUT, many of these networks do not have a cryptocurrency because each company would theoretically willingly contribute to these networks OR pay the company who created it a fee since it cuts overhead anyways... their liabilities will decrease.

It’s a race right now of ‘may the better salesmen win.” Imagine if you create a company, and can get all of NYC’s small to medium-sized businesses to work together to save on server costs? There you are, getting recurring revenue, onboarding fees, and controlling this very valuable network(s) that companies rely on. The networks are businesses.

Do you see what we are getting at? It’s an ENTIRE new network beyond just a distributed networks of coins, it is a completely new business around onboarding companies to be part of your pooled network, which can help the company in ways of lowering costs, increasing security, or various other niches we cannot think of at first thought.


Anyways, this is a short post, and we can go more into what we know about the industry from this point of view, but there ya go - another, hopefully, eye-opening post.


- Mike and Aaron