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Breaking: Man Pays Bail with Bitcoin

Dec 18, 2018

Reported to us on December 17,  2018, Florida man, Joel Dabroski pays his $500 bail with Bitcoin.


Florida resident, Joel Dabroski, was recently arrested for marijuana possession - only 2 grams - but with hundreds of small baggies, which police assume was for planned distribution. This is Dabroski’s fifth time being arrested for drug possession and as a result, he was put in jail until his court date 5 days later, or he pays $500 bail.

On his third day of five in prison, Dabroski told police that all he has is Bitcoin, but he can pay it now. Police approved paying in Bitcoin. Dabroski who was babbling in his cell to the police about Bitcoin all night was excited to show them the blockchain magic in action, fast payment, direct, and low fees.

Unfortunately, this was far from the case. He sent the $500 with an extra $1 to cover fees. Turns out, $1 fees did not do the trick. The network was slow and miners did not seem to grab his transaction to hash into a block.

24 hours go by and he has one day left. The police still have not received his Bitcoin payment. The next morning, still no luck. At 5 PM on Friday, his last day, he was released for his court date, but funny enough, at 6 PM the Bitcoin hit. The police wouldn’t send back his BTC and so, he was out $500 of BTC with no extra day of freedom.

It seems he was better off waiting until he was released, rather than paying with the ground-breaking, peer to peer, superfast, low cost, Bitcoin currency. After his court hearing, he was set free on probation. 

Dabroski set up a GoFundMe campaign accepting Bitcoin to get back on his feet - his address is here: 1NeWw5d7r74MZtfF9m7FF1pYC5cTfqtbKg, but don’t worry, he does not expect to receive any for at least two days.

Well, you heard it here first folks, from your team at Shitcoin News. Stay safe out there.

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Written by Michael Rosenblat of the Shitcoin News team