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Lack of Crypto Scammers Shows Clear Sign of Capitulation

Dec 28, 2018

Live from the Shitcoin News team, it seems that capitulation has arrived. Most crypto traders on Facebook, Twitter, and Bitcointalk are yelling “capitulation!” - with most probably not knowing what it means.

Sure, most HODLers are committed to holding indefinitely at this point. Sure, most panic sellers have exhausted their assets. And sure, n00b investors waiting to buy in won’t do so until it pumps past $10,000 again. But, what is the real sign we have reached bottom? Lack of scammers.

Vitalik, John McAfee, and other leaders in the space can tweet freely without hundreds of auto-response tweets spamming their thread with fake profiles. No more “send two Ether and get back 20!” on fake-Vitalik profiles. And as for Tron, well...even spammers don’t want to scam for Tron, so Justin has been safe.

Also, on Facebook - crypto investors are wondering where Indian native “Crypto James” and “John Smith” have gone, private messaging things like, “Hi, mining of the Bitcoin is of interest to you?” or “I trade binaries and never lose. I promise 10% return each day.”

Many crypto traders miss this indicator, forming Stockholm syndrome with the culprits. Facebook group owners can also no longer screen-shot scammer messages and look like heroes.

It seems the scammers have a better pulse on the market than we do, when they are in, Bitcoin is soaring, when they are out, the market has dumped...BAD.

The lack of scammers is a clear sign of capitulation, which means we hope we enter the new year with soaring prices and spam messages from our fellow scammers.


‘Till next time.

Reported live from Shitcoin News.

By Michael Roesnblat


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