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Top 5 Ways to Land a Job in the Blockchain Industry

Dec 13, 2018

Everyone wants to get in on the blockchain action, but most don’t know how to really stand out.

Here are a few ways…


  1. LinkedIn Job Title Should Read: Blockchain Enthusiast

This is the hottest one in the book. If you have blockchain enthusiast as your LinkedIn title and still don’t have a job, then we are not sure what you are doing wrong. This title is for the fearless, not only are you trying to imply you are an expert, but you have passion. You are an enthusiast and do it for the love of the game baby. Blockchain enthusiast should be your first plan of action.


  1. LinkedIn Headline Should Have A MINIMUM of 1 Rocket Ship Emoji

I know I know, this might also seem obvious but don’t roll your eyes at me. So many people forget that rocket ship emojis are not only eye-grabbing but represent a GLOBAL mindset. Using this in your title shows that you understand that the world is global, you are willing to travel anywhere, and anyone of any language can understand that it means you are an expert.

  1. Join Facebook Groups and Take Part in Banter

This one is super underrated. No better way than getting a little controversial. We highly recommend joining a Facebook group, then taking part in a post related to market conditions, a new coin listing discussion, or any other topic that is not well thought out and you know nothing about. Be sure to write with conviction and arrogance. The reasoning behind this is that people may think you know what you are talking about AND at the same time you get to learn. Why look like a n00b to learn, when you can kill two birds with one stone? In the end, you never know who is reading that thread. Might be your next boss running a major crypto company!


  1. Join Crypto Twitter

Of course, join Twitter. All the best crypto experts are on Twitter. Buy some followers, mention that you are a “cryptocurrency expert” and you are well on your way to lambo's.

Be sure to create fluffy posts for optimal follower reach, such as:

  • “HODL strong, we have seen this before,”
  • “Keep building, now is the best time to work on your passion projects, in time for the bull run”
  • “XRP and TRX top picks, HODL now” ← instill some FOMO.

In the end, your DM’s will be filled with people begging to be their ICO advisor.


  1. Learn from Reading Articles

Once you read a few articles, say 3-5 hours worth, it’s safe to say you are an expert. No need to actually try to create your own program, learn how networking works, or try to trade hands on. Let others make the mistakes for you, so then you only know how to perform flawlessly. From there, you can even take other peoples forward-thinking critiques and make then your own! Some people call this getting “inspiration” from other sources.


Well, there you have it, folks. 5 straightforward and clear-cut ways to land a job in the blockchain industry in no time!


‘Till next time. Follow us on Twitter for more hot tips!

  • Michael Rosenblat from Shitcoin Satire Official Media Group, Inc, LLC.