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Craig Wright Celebrates Bitcoin 10 Year Anniversary by Proving He Is Satoshi

Jan 02, 2019

Tomorrow marks a glorious day for all shitcoin lovers and Bitcoin HODLers - the 10 year birthday of Bitcoin. Sir Satoshi created the genesis block on January 3rd, 2019. Craig “Fauxtoshi” Wright wants to finally prove that he is...Satoshi Nakomoto.

Reported to the Shitcoin News team by an anonymous source, Craig Wright wants to drop his pants and show his glorious balls to the industry, proving, irrefutably that he is Satoshi - again.


In our discussions with him, he quickly became pathological and acted like a victim, as if we forced him to do this. We would like to note that he called us first.

He told us that private keys which access a wallet of 1,000,000 BTC is under a multi-sig wallet with other co-creators of Bitcoin and due to legal reasons is too much of a headache, so much headache that it’s not worth his time and effort to prove he is Satoshi. He then proceeded to act irritated and claim that he wants no fame, no glory, and wants to just be left alone. He finished by telling us the 5 PhDs he has, for the fifth time today.

Watch this from 0:54 to 1:52 -

Next, we asked him how he wanted to do this Proof of Satoshi.

He said he is one of the first to post on the well-renowned forum site. He said he can not only can he easily solve the captcha, but will enter the username AND password as well. This had us intrigued.


With intense eye contact and scrunched eyebrows, he mentioned that technically speaking, if he enters the password correctly, with the proper corresponding username, then when the request hits Bitcointalk’s database it should query its user database, and send back a response to his interface verifying that he is the owner of that account, which is called Satoshi.

He re-explained the login authentication process for Bitcointalk and said that if all goes according to plan here, with no typos, then he should gain access to the account, which proves once and for all that he is Satoshi.


Well, we will have to see what tomorrow brings!


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Written by Michael Rosenblat of the Shitcoin News team