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Feb 15

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Jan 24

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Jan 16


BRAKING: New Addiction Taking Over Local Towns. Are Your Children Using?

Nov 26, 2018

Reported to us on November 26, 2018, local mother from Staten Island NY, Susan Biaganoli, spoke up to tell us about a rising epidemic in her neighborhood.

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BREAKING: Family Abandons Son at Thanksgiving Dinner

Nov 21, 2018

BREAKING: Family Abandons Son at Thanksgiving Dinner

Learn from their mistakes...

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Dandelion - Our Shitty Explanation

Nov 19, 2018

Happy Monday ya’ll!

Today...we will change things up. Instead of a coin review, we are itching to drop a bit more of our technical knowledge.

Today we will be discussing privacy, how transactions are broadcasted and more specifically a new privacy-focused implementation called Dandelion.

Let’s dig in….(let us blow your minds)

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Credo - Shitcoin Review

Nov 16, 2018

Clearly, social media is taking hold.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc…

BUT...with many regards, email is still king. Email lists are super valuable, and when a user enters their email on a website, it is a much more thoughtful action than simply following someone on Twitter.

Today’s review is Credo, who aims to improve our email experience.

Let’s dig in..

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Gnosis - Shitcoin Review

Nov 15, 2018

Prediction markets are slowllllyyy getting more popular in the crypto space.

Augur opened everyones eyes to it, but now there are others popping up.

Today’s review is of Gnosis.

Let’s dig in…

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Raiden Network Token - Shitcoin Review

Nov 14, 2018

Everyone is buzzing about Bitcoin’s lightning network…

But...don’t other platforms need their own version/implementation of the lightning network, since most blockchains have inherent scalability issues..?

You betcha!

Today’s review is of the Raiden Network..and we will see if they can effectively be the lightning network for Ethereum.

Let’s dig in…

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SmartMesh - Shitcoin Review

Nov 13, 2018

This morning our internet went down and we literally went crazy.

We had to do weird stuff like actually talk to each other or read a book.

Hours later the internet came back and we could finally function again and stare at memes.

BUT...wouldn’t it great if we didn’t need to rely on the internet as we know it..?

A good friend once told me, “The world is not anymore the way it used to be,”


Well, my friends, it is true. The world is indeed not anymore the way it used to be, crypto is changing the scene.

Today’s review is SmartMesh...and you will see why this intro was relevant.

Let’s dig in…

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Veritaseum - Shitcoin Review

Nov 12, 2018

Happy Monday all!

It’s the afternoon and time for whiskey.

Whiskey means shitcoin reviews (yes, we are nerds).

This one will be VERI quick and to the point.

Today’s review is Veritaseum.

Let’s dig in…

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GambleCoin - Shitcoin Review

Nov 09, 2018

It’s been a while since we went to the depths of shitcoin territory.

Heavyweight, reigning in at #1600 on Coinmarketcap….

Today’s review is GambleCoin.

Let’s dig in…

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GoChain - Shitcoin Review

Nov 08, 2018

“YOOO Aaron turn up that Daft Punk, bruh”
*turns up volume*


Work It

Make It

Do It

Makes Us







“WAIT,” exclaimed Mike, “this reminds me of a slogan for a coin we have been getting requests for…”

Today’s review is GoChain which claims to be “smarter, better, faster, stronger” than other smart contract enabled blockchains. (holy crap that sounded nerdy)

Let’s dig in…

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