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BREAKING: Family Abandons Son at Thanksgiving Dinner

Nov 21, 2018

BREAKING: Family Abandons Son at Thanksgiving Dinner

Learn from their mistakes...


In a recent report with Shitcoin News, Bob Geraldi of Great Neck, NY was thrown out of his family’s Thanksgiving dinner. While the Geraldi family was saying “thanks” around the dinner table, Bob mentioned that he was thankful he “sold Bitcoin at the top.”

Without hesitation, his mother, father, and five cousins (who are actually family-friends, but call them cousins) began flinging mashed potatoes and turkey (the white-meat) at Bob. It turns out that Bob had persuaded his friends and family to purchase Bitcoin at $10,000, but like most giving advice, he did not mention when to sell.

His family took this to heart. They felt that he had used them to pump the price of Bitcoin, only to dump on their faces. “Family pump and dumps are not okay!” father Gino Geraldi shouted. Bob began to cry as it was an honest mistake. He mentioned that in large Facebook groups such as Crypto Coin Trader (commonly known as “CCT”) and Cryptocurrency Collectors Club everyone was shouting “HODL,” “moon,” “lambos,” and “skyrock,” but with no avail.

Bob has not been seen since last night. Due to his massive gains, it is likely that he has top security and is hiding in his lambo, while his family is forced to downsize to a smaller home.

Be thankful that the Geraldi’s traditionally do Thanksgiving a night before, so we can learn from this mistake. DO NOT talk about cryptocurrency at your Thanksgiving dinner.

Have a good turkey day and good luck out there folks.

Written by Michael Rosenblat of the Shitcoin News team

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