Do I Own a Shitcoin?

SmartMesh - Shitcoin Review

Nov 13, 2018

This morning our internet went down and we literally went crazy.

We had to do weird stuff like actually talk to each other or read a book.

Hours later the internet came back and we could finally function again and stare at memes.

BUT...wouldn’t it great if we didn’t need to rely on the internet as we know it..?

A good friend once told me, “The world is not anymore the way it used to be,”


Well, my friends, it is true. The world is indeed not anymore the way it used to be, crypto is changing the scene.

Today’s review is SmartMesh...and you will see why this intro was relevant.

Let’s dig in…


SmartMesh (ticker: SMT)

Mid-Tier Shitcoin


Wtf is this shit?


Using their words, “SmartMesh will build P2P mesh networks that run parallel to the international Internet based on intelligent hardware, software and protocols.” They have a specific focus on connecting mobile devices. In other words, “SmartMesh is a blockchain-based IoT protocol that enables smartphones, onboard devices and other hardware to connect to each other without the internet.”

For those who don’t know, mesh networks are the most common answer if you ask, “how can I spend Bitcoin without the internet.”

A mesh network is a ‘local’ network topology made up of nodes...but as long as the nodes communicate it can stretch as far as it needs. Generally, mesh networks connect “directly, dynamically, and non-hierarchically” to as many nodes as possible. They all cooperate with one another for the purpose of routing data to and from clients. Much like other p2p concepts, mesh networks failed to become mainstream due to their lack of financial incentive. Thanks to cryptocurrencies and the potential for moon-lambos, nodes have an incentive to relay information and contribute to the network.

In the case of SmartMesh, nodes are incentivized with the SMT token. SmartMesh connects with the Ethereum blockchain and utilizes the Raiden network (with future plans for the lightning network) to extend off-chain transactions, getting around Ethereum’s shitty scalability, while still not requiring users to be connected to the internet. The end goal is to basically access the web as you know it, through the SmartMesh network, in addition to other features such as secure crypto payments and IoT hookups. A better web, baby! (hopefully, maybe...kinda, we’ll see).

They have three main types of nodes:

  • User nodes - a user node is anyone who connects to the SmartMesh network and wants to send data. They pay carrier nodes to relay information. If I want to send you a message, and there are 5 nodes between us, then I pay 5 nodes to relay information to you
  • Carrier nodes - smartphones that carry data packets to other nodes. They your bitch, bitch.
  • Internet nodes - these are similar to carrier nodes, but they are connected to the internet and can offer or sell it to others.

They have big aspirations, but you should get the point now. An epic mesh network, with a blockchain base for a secure, global, incentivized system. BOOM.

Who tf is behind this shit?


Henry Wang is the founder and CEO. He is an internet protocol scientist and FPGA geek. He has his masters in computer science and PhD in Physics - “nerd alert!” He has previously founded blockchain companies and was involved in the space as early as 2011. He seems well suited for the job.

All in all, mid-tier shitcoin mostly due to market won’t be easy for people to set this up on their smartphones, but we wish them luck.


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Chat soon!

- Mike and Aaron