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Part 2 - LinkedIn Edition: Top 5 Ways to Land a Job in the Blockchain Industry

Dec 19, 2018

We got lots of great feedback on our “Top 5 Ways to land a Job in the Blockchain Industry” post, but some people mentioned that they have been following all of our tips and STILL are unemployed. So, we figured we would put together a list of tips that cannot fail. We hyper-focused our tips strictly to LinkedIn. This way you will stand out as a professional.


Let’s dive in…

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ChainLink - Shitcoin Review

Sep 11, 2018

[Scene begins]

*stands up from couch with half empty bottle of whiskey*

‘Back at ya with another freestyle ya’ll’

“Smart contracts are cool, but they kind of stink,

There’s no way to connect, if only there was a LINK,

But we find solutions, they call us the ORACLE,

Because this new idea will show you a miracle”

*plumps back on couch...looks up in deep thought*

“I wonder if there is a way to LINK these CHAINS to external API’ a decentralized oracle! This def doesn’t exist,” said very drunkenly

“We’ll be the next Ethereum!!! Holy SHIT!”

Turns out this idea exists very much...actually there are several options. We are idiots.

So, we feel compelled to discuss a project with you working on just this: ChainLink

While our writing tenses may be off, and our grammar sucks (perhaps purposely)...we can damn well tell you about them cryptos.


Let’s dig in…(after we sober up)

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