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Breaking: Hit Band Nickelback Breaks Up Over Dispute

Aug 23, 2018

Reported to us on August 22, 2018, the hit rock band, Nickelback has broken up.

Nickelback, worth well over $100M has the industry shook. Majors labels are at a loss and fans are devastated.

Oklahoma fan, Julie Prezioro grieved, “I can’t believe it. I heard it was mostly between Chad [lead vocalist and guitarist] and Danny [drummer]. I think Chad was in the wrong, but ultimately, they just couldn’t see eye to eye.”

There was a long pause, with deep inhales and subtle sad moaning..she continued to exclaim, “I can’t believe Chad likes Ripple. So stupid.”

Reporter Minnie Nandez responded to say, “Ripple, the hit song on their new alb-”

“NO!” interrupted Julie, in a frantic rage, “It’s a f***n shitcoin, Minnie. Chad likes Ripple, and I can’t blame Danny for ending things with the band.”


Minnie came back to the studio and chatted with the writing team here at Shitcoin News. Looks like we found ourselves another case of shitcoins breaking up core friendships.


In an interview later that day, Chad told us he isn’t “worried about the future of Nickelback. Ripple will pump, and Danny will come back. He’ll see.”

Meanwhile, Danny seems firm on his stance. He mentioned that from the moment he heard Chad was involved with Ripple “I’m f***n out...and that was it. I told Chad to buy Ethereum in 2015, he didn’t listen. I told him to buy Dash in 2014, he didn’t listen. His biggest bags are literally Ripple and Verge. Holy shit man...I’m so done. I can’t even look at him. I hope he gets rekt on BitMEX.” Danny walked away in rage.


Well, you heard it here first folks, from your team at Shitcoin News. Stay safe out there.


Written by Michael Rosenblat of the Shitcoin News team

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