Do I Own a Shitcoin?

XVG - $7,046.80 (4.31%)


Verge - Shitcoin Review

Jul 12, 2018

John McAfee said it would moon.

Facebook groups said it would moon.

Your friends said it would moon.


Enough said. It was one of the largest pumps….and dumps we have seen in a long time.


Let’s dig in to what Verge is about.


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Loopring, Verge, and Zilliqa - Shitcoin Reviews #1

Jun 26, 2018

The market is down. Calm your shit.

You guys are smart enough to understand that these are the best times for buying, not for crying.

As the great Worren Buffit said, “When in doubt, buy shitcoins. I love Bitcoin.”

In the spirit of having shitcoins on sale, let’s dig in to a couple, specifically $LRC, $XVG, and $ZIL.


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