Do I Own a Shitcoin?


Ring Signatures (and Ring CT) - Our Shitty Explanation

Dec 10, 2018

Listen up n00bs!

Today we will do another shitty explanation.

This time - it's ring signatures.

Let’s dig in…

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Dandelion - Our Shitty Explanation

Nov 19, 2018

Happy Monday ya’ll!

Today...we will change things up. Instead of a coin review, we are itching to drop a bit more of our technical knowledge.

Today we will be discussing privacy, how transactions are broadcasted and more specifically a new privacy-focused implementation called Dandelion.

Let’s dig in….(let us blow your minds)

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Particl - Shitcoin Review

Aug 24, 2018

Oh yeah…bumpin’ to this music.

“You's a window shopper

Mad at me, I think I know why”

*raises volume while holding bottle of whiskey like a G*

“Jada you's a window shopper

In the jewelry store lookin' at shit you can't buy

Joe you's a window shopper”

Oh baby, we’ve been groovin’ to “Window Shopper” by 50 Cent.

Damn bear market has us window shopping, but we won’t let that hold us down.

Today's coin gets us excited to start buying shit when our coins obviously pump...


Today’s coin review is: Particl.

Let’s dig in…

*lowers 50 Cent*

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SmartCash - Shitcoin Review

Aug 16, 2018

“ANOTHER ONE” - DJ Khaled.

This is often what comes to mind when we learn that another privacy coin is gaining traction.


SmartCrash..I MEAN SmartCash.

Credit ‘SmartCrash’ to Lucca, a fellow shithead in our Telegram who coined that.

Also, if you are not in our Telegram, get the heck in there. We can chat live….we’re basically always on...


Anyways, let’s dig in…

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Dash - Shitcoin Review

Aug 14, 2018

Let’s dive into some more private shit.

This is a solid coin that we are sure you know about. If you don’t then please unsubscribe from our mailing list.

Today’s coin is DASH.

Let’s dig in….

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