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Trevon James tries to come back, but fails miserably…

Dec 05, 2018

BREAKING: Trevon James tries to come back, but fails miserably…


Reported to us on December 5, 2018, Bitconnect pumper Trevon James attempts to win over the crypto industry with comedy and charm, but with no avail.

With a recent Tweet at the SEC office, many sources believe that the latest effort for his comeback is to indeed avoid cum on his back - with prison in his future. We noticed that he has soft eyes and decent skin, so rather than pumping coins, it seems he will be the one getting pumped, in addition to dumped on. Although it is known that he likes to “eat my dogs poop.” Oh how things cum full circle…(*gross we know*)

Going from 100,000+ views on Bitconnect videos to 2-5k it is obvious no one gives a shit.


Reported live from Shitcoin News.


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