Do I Own a Shitcoin?

Shitcoin Diamond - Shitcoin Review

Jul 13, 2018

Despite any market metrics, market cap, bla’s coin is a true shitcoin. F***n shit-tier as far as we are concerned.

We don’t know what the deal is with this shit.

Unknown developers, barely active Reddit, hardly any transparency, weird goal.

Bitcoin Diamond is the coin of the day. Honestly, these reviews are the least fun for us because there is often not as much to say, and it is less technical, but figured we should bang this one out and get it done.

Bitcoin Diamond (ticker: BCD)

Shit-Tier Shitcoin

Wtf is Bitcoin Diamond?

Bitcoin Diamon is shit. More specifically, their solutions are shit.

They want Bitcoin Diamond to be a cheaper, faster alternative to Bitcoin. They do this by simply making the total supply equal to 210M BCD. Whoopdie do…

Increased the blocksize limit to 8 MB. Whoopdie do…

Increased block times for miners. Whoopdie do...

Implementing lightning network and SegWit (they claim). Whoopdie do…

Implemented a different mining algo...Whoopdie do...okay no more of that.

Lastly, they want to implement proof of stake. may be asking, wow, so what is the innovation here?

The answer is, there is none. There is no innovation or real use-case for BCD. They are simply taking advantage of the fact that Bitcoin had high fee issues. They also want a cheaper alternative because Bitcoin is already in the thousands… lol. We see this as a brand heist, and wrongly taking advantage of the community in a time when sentiment is particularly low.


Who tf is behind this shit?

No one f***n knows. Seriously..that’s it.

So...this is a shit-tier shitcoin. Pure crap. Garbagio, don’t waste your time. The most time you should spend digging in to BCD is reading this quick review.


Anyways, enjoy the weekend and we will be back with a review on Monday. We’re excited for that one :D


Chat soon

- Mike and Aaron