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Jawn McAffy Undergoes Marilyn Manson Inspired Surgery

Dec 03, 2018

BREAKING: Jawn McAffy Undergoes Marilyn Manson Inspired Surgery



Reported to us on December 3, 2018, cybersecurity expert J McAffy is seeking to undergo complicated rib surgery in preparation to eat his own penis. He stated with confidence that If Bitcoin doesn’t hit $1,000,000 he will “eat his own d**k”.


Jawn’s explanations of his past leave nothing to the imagination - from interests in whale f***ing to badass home security - he is a man of his word. He has shown no hesitation regarding eating his own penis, but as he is older, he is unfortunately not as flexible.


To add ease to the process, it only makes sense to undergo the famous Marilyn Manson rib-removal surgery.


McAffy is a respected cybersecurity expert and has made waves in the cryptocurrency sphere. While we hope he does not need to go through with this, it would make for another epic Shitcoin News piece… and hey, at least while Bitcoin is dumping he can stay relevant.


At this point, we have to look forward and see what is to cum…


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