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Ardor - Shitcoin Review

Aug 15, 2018

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Today we will be going over Ardor…


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Ardor (ticker: ARDR)

Mid-Tier Shitcoin


Wtf is this shit?

Ardor is a blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) offering to build custom blockchains for businesses, in addition to offering the proper tools for developers to build their own blockchain solutions.

Ardor is based off of NXT, and basically offers what NXT does, plus some other perks. Ardor was even built by many of the same devs behind NXT. We’ll be explaining NXT a bit throughout this, as it is important to understand.

Real quick...NXT is what we consider to be an OG project. It was made by the Jelurida crew doing one of the first ICO’s and its codebase was built 100% from the ground up, in Java, taking nothing from Bitcoin’s codebase.

NXT offers an environment for people to create digital assets and create their own blockchains using their API. They also offer voting systems and exchange systems that can be easily enabled for new projects to launch on NXT. While a first mover advantage is real, it does not come without disadvantages.

This is where Ardor came focus on a couple of primary blockchain issues: scalability and ease of use.

Ardor implemented a parent chain/child chain structure (compared to NXT’s single chain). Child chains are easily customizable blockchains that can be launched for specific purposes. The main chain handles most security, consensus, and governance, so the child chains do not need to be concerned with this. Child chains communicate with the main chain as needed...and can communicate with other child chains. This helps with the scalability issue.

EXAMPLE: You run a large manufacturing warehouse that makes toys. Ardor can create a child chain for your business, so that you can track the status of your toys, and where they are in the manufacturing process (using some IoT perhaps). 

NXT has a fixed supply of tokens, while Ardor has new ones being created. Also, only ARDR are used for consensus and as rewards for stakers (yes, they have proof of stake), which makes child chains more secure. NXT has one token that rules all. Child chain tokens are used only as a medium of exchange.

When an asset is created on NXT it may pay dividends, like a stock. On NXT, dividends are paid in NXT. On Ardor, there is enough flexibility where you can get paid dividends in the child chain token (these dividends are different than PoS stuff).

Also each child chain has all of the features of NXT (such as voting systems, asset exchanges, data storage, account control, and more). It is simple to essentially enable or disable different features on a child chain….making for very easy deployment.

While we want to keep this focused on Ardor specifically, we will mention that they have launched Ignis, their first child there is one! Lol You can learn more about Ignis through good ol’ fashion’s one of hopefully many child chains to come.

TL;DR Ardor is an iteration of NXT + other features such as child-chains and offers more of a service for custom blockchains.


Who tf is behind this shit?

Jelurida - look em up, they’re solid and have a track record. It’s the company behind NXT. Cool shit.


Anyways, Mid-Tier shitcoin...let’s see if they can compete with ETH. Probably not lol but who knows! Let’s be hopeful. It's good to be an optimist sometimes ;)

Hope you learned some shit.


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