Do I Own a Shitcoin?

Qash - Shitcoin Review

Aug 08, 2018

“I’m in it for the tech.”

Oh stfu, you want that ceeesshh….dat cash

Or maybe now, you want that Qash…

Today’s coin is Qash.


Let’s dig in…

Qash (ticker: QASH)

Mid-Tier Shitcoin


Wtf is this shit?

Qash is the native token in the Liquid Quoine network. We know you've heard this before: Liquid “aims to solve the liquidity issue in the cryptocurrency industry.” Yep...another one of these, but let’s see how Liquid aims to solve this issue. Liquid’s system is more practical than Bancor's in our opinion.

Liquid has an internal order-book and an external order book...offering a World Order Book. The World Order Book connects the order books of basically all major exchanges, in addition to the Forex market, in addition to their own internal order book bringing liquidity together and offering users the ability to trade virtually any altcoin directly for fiat. This allows users to cash out any shitcoin directly to fiat of their choice.

The World Book offers an advanced trade order Matching Engine (ME), a Cross Currency Conversion Engine (CCCE), and Smart Order Routing (SOR).

ME can process several million transactions per second and is what manages all of the different trade pairs for trading.

CCCE is what actually converts your trades to fiat if you are trading a shitcoin/fiat pair that is unknown. This is what provides the flexibility in trading shitcoin to fiat, or shitcoin to shitcoin.

SOR is what connects the other exchanges' order books. If you place an order that cannot be filled on Liquid's internal order book, then it will route it to an exchange that can satisfy the order.

Lastly, they offer a Prime Brokerage service which allows you to simply sign up with Liquid’s World Book, but you do not need to sign up with each individual exchange. They will also offer other banking services. Traditionally the Prime Brokerage industry is for the world of family offices, hedge funds and ‘high finance’...not for us plebs. So, we are curious to learn more if they have any net worth requirements for their Prime Brokerage services.

Qash as a currency is pretty standard. It is an ERC-20 token that gives Liquid users discounts on trades, products, and ICO investing. They will implement PoS, but that’s it. Pretty standard shit.


Who tf is behind this shit?

Their CEO and Co-Founder Mike Kayamori has worked at financial firms in the past in COO, CIO, and Global Business Strategy roles. He also has a master's degree from Harvard (ohhh), which he completed in 2003.

His fellow Co-Founder and CTO is Mario Lozada who was previously the CTO of Fixed Income branches at Credit Suisse and Merrill Lynch. In 2014, he and Mike launched Quoine (Liquid lol). Together it seems they both have a wide breadth of knowledge in the financial technology sector.


Anyways, Mid-Tier shitcoin. First let’s see how centralized exchanges grow as well. This is a good one to know of in the future perhaps. If not, then it’s just another shitcoin.

Hope you learned some shit.


Chat soon!

- Mike and Aaron