Do I Own a Shitcoin?

Golem - Shitcoin Review

Aug 20, 2018

Yo...screw Amazon. They keep getting bigger and bigger, but are they offering more?



*deep breaths and shot of whiskey* Relax...relax. Maybe we're just salty because this bear market is forcing us to drink shit liquor.

Anyways, this brings us to a potential savior...another cloud computing solution: Golem.


Let's dig in...

Golem (ticker: GNT)

Mid-Tier Shitcoin


Wtf is this shit?

Golem is a decentralized computing network aiming to disrupt the existing centralized cloud computing industry (Amazon, Google, Microsoft, etc..). They are creating a peer-to-peer network which will allow anyone to buy or sell computing power at a fraction of what current solutions cost. They also enable software developers to write applications which can run on the network and get paid as other users utilize their software.

There are three types of users on the Golem network: providers, software developers, and requesters.

Providers offer their existing computer hardware to the network to be used as compute power for other users.

Software developers are just that. They write applications for other users to run on the network and these applications are run on the providers’ hardware.

Requesters are basically the end user, they utilize software on the Golem network and pay both the software developer for use and the provider for compute power.

GNT is an ERC-20 token and the backbone of the Golem network. All monetary transactions are done through the token. This is how software developers are paid for use of their applications and how providers are paid for their compute power.

The team behind Golem has been active and they recently achieved a significant milestone, Brass Golem. This release is focused on the first use-case for Golem, CGI rendering. Rendering 3D graphics requires a ton of compute power and is a great use-case for Golem. Brass Golem allows computer graphics artists to render their Blender and LuxRender (open-source computer graphics applications) work through the Golem network. We love to see projects working on real-world applications of Blockchain tech!


Who tf is behind this shit?

Golem Factory is the team behind Golem. They are based in Poland and include over 30 members. There’s no one particularly notable on their team but they have a bunch of smart people who are clearly dedicated to their vision.


Anyways, mid-tier shitcoins, we do consider it higher all shitcoins, but they do have a loyal community and actually high milestones, so kudos! Let's see how they do.


Hope you learned some shit.


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- Mike and Aaron