Pundi X – Shitcoin Review

Crypto is awesome…it’s addicting…it’s fascinating.

But, is there any practicality with this shit yet?

Do you spend your crypto? Or do you just HODL for moonlambos?

One token on the rise right now, Pundi X, is aiming to help bring this shit to the masses.

Let’s dig in.

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0x – Shitcoin Review


Sick of this BS Scottrade $7 per trade crap? Fortunately, crypto has made trading cheaper. The fees on Bittrex, Poloniex, and others are relatively low, but we know it can get better.

Most DEX’s are currently shit, unsophisticated, and not user-friendly. While we believe in the future of DEX’s, we are also keeping an eye on decentralized exchange protocols. These are not ‘central’ DEX’s, but instead protocols that simply make trades happen.

We wrote an article on Loopring before, which has a similar feel.

Today, we’re gonna look at a shitcoin called 0x.

Let’s dig in. *puts Whisky down* (Blue Label, w00t)

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PIVX – Shitcoin Review

Whether you were selling crack on Silk Road, or you simply understand the importance of maintaining personal privacy as an inherent human right, you are probably looking at some privacy shitcoins.

We love looking into these coins. One day we’ll do a comparison on a bunch of privacy coins, but today we’re looking at one shitty little coin that has caught our attention over the past year: PIVX (Private Instant Verified Transaction…but no one calls it this).

Let’s dig in and learn some shit.

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MonaCoin – Shitcoin Review

So many shitcoins. So little time. So many are the same.

It’s easy to drown in the sea of shitcoins,  especially trying to keep current with all of them.

Fortunately, most are shit and don’t warrant much of your time, and that is why we are here.

Today’s will be a quick one. (Mostly because it’s July 4th here in the US and we’re trying to get our drink on. Challenge us in beer pong, we dare you. Wanna bet shitcoins? We’re down.)

Anyways, let’s dig in to MonaCoin, which does nothing special in our opinion. Certainly nothing that warranted their epic pump and dump back in December 2017.

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Basic Attention Token – Shitcoin Review

We are all sheep to the media…don’t act like you don’t love it.

Laughing at memes, Facebook stalking, YouTube videos, clickbait.

It’s fast. It’s fun. It’s addicting.

Kind of like this blog?

So…given that we are helpless to the media and love consuming shit, let’s dive in to the shitcoin of the day: Basic Attention Token (BAT)…to reward you for your social media love.

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Nebulas – Shitcoin Review

It’s Monday! No…it’s Monday for plebs not in crypto. Here in shitcoin land, we go 24/7/365. Every day feels the same and new shitcoins keep coming into existence at the same rate. We have become numb to time and space. That’s for a different conversation though.


Let’s get in to this shit…specifically Nebulas’s shit. We’ve gotten a few requests for this one.

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BTCP – Shitcoin Review

Alright boys and girls, time for another shitcoin review.

Moving forward, we’ll be doing one coin review a day and post it to the blog. KEEP YOUR EYE ON THIS SHIT..DROPPIN’ DAT VALUE. We’re a bit tipsy….it’s Friday, sue us.

If you want a coin reviewed, tweet at us.  

We’ve had a bunch of people ask about Bitcoin Private (BTCP).

Let’s dig in to this shit.

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Loopring, Verge, and Zilliqa – Shitcoin Reviews #1

The market is down. Calm your shit.

You guys are smart enough to understand that these are the best times for buying, not for crying.

As the great Worren Buffit said, “When in doubt, buy shitcoins. I love Bitcoin.”

In the spirit of having shitcoins on sale, let’s dig in to a couple, specifically $LRC, $XVG, and $ZIL.

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Coins vs Tokens

Oh hey there, welcome to the super awesome shitcoins newsletter.

When we mentioned that you won’t find a community like us anywhere else, we weren’t joking. We will be sending a mix of topics, giveaways, news, and shitcoin speculations over time.

Today is topic #1 and we are going to learn about a shitload of different shit.


Coins vs Tokens (and money)

We see a lot of n00bs (and ‘experts’) mixing up the differences between coins and tokens…so we figured we would sort this out, and also get a little philosophical about what money actually is.

*puts whiskey down, yes we spelled it with an ‘e’ this time*


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