Nano – Shitcoin Review

Everyone bitches about Bitcoin’s scalability.

We get it, growing pains suck.

But…one upside to a new, highly competitive ecosystem with obstacles to overcome is that if can further fuel creativity.

Of course, we are more bullish on the future of Bitcoin’s layer 2 scaling, and other alternatives, but let’s dive into a different mindset today.

This brings us to today’s review: Nano (formerly known as RaiBlocks LOL).

Let’s dig in…

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Status – Shitcoin Review

Have you ever used a DApp? Be honest…

If not, then why? It’s probably because many are inaccessible to the masses who do not know how to compile and run software from source code (lol). And we don’t blame you…this shouldn’t require a computer science degree.

It’s time to take this shit to the next level…and we think that a project named Status is working on just that.

Let’s dig into what Status is all about.

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Shitcoin Diamond – Shitcoin Review

Despite any market metrics, market cap, bla bla…today’s coin is a true shitcoin. F***n shit-tier as far as we are concerned.

We don’t know what the deal is with this shit.

Unknown developers, barely active Reddit, hardly any transparency, weird goal.

Bitcoin Diamond is the coin of the day. Honestly, these reviews are the least fun for us because there is often not as much to say, and it is less technical, but figured we should bang this one out and get it done.

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Verge – Shitcoin Review

John McAfee said it would moon.

Facebook groups said it would moon.

Your friends said it would moon.


Enough said. It was one of the largest pumps….and dumps we have seen in a long time.


Let’s dig in to what Verge is about.

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Augur – Shitcoin Review

Do you want moon?

Do you want lambo?


Well, it’s time to step up your crypto gambling addiction. Stop trading boring old cryptos, and start using cryptos to bet on predictions. Oh, the thrill.

In the spirit of the recent mainnet launch, we will do a review of Augur. Augur is a prediction market, not a pure gambling/betting platform, we understand (for any quick smartasses out there).

Let’s dig in….

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Siacoin – Shitcoin Review

All of your nude pics need to be stored in a secure, safe and reliable place.

So, why not turn to a high risk, decentralized, un-insured solution? Lol

The blockchain space is highly competitive, particularly relating to data storage.

One player in the game is Siacoin…

Let’s dig in.

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Pundi X – Shitcoin Review

Crypto is awesome…it’s addicting…it’s fascinating.

But, is there any practicality with this shit yet?

Do you spend your crypto? Or do you just HODL for moonlambos?

One token on the rise right now, Pundi X, is aiming to help bring this shit to the masses.

Let’s dig in.

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0x – Shitcoin Review


Sick of this BS Scottrade $7 per trade crap? Fortunately, crypto has made trading cheaper. The fees on Bittrex, Poloniex, and others are relatively low, but we know it can get better.

Most DEX’s are currently shit, unsophisticated, and not user-friendly. While we believe in the future of DEX’s, we are also keeping an eye on decentralized exchange protocols. These are not ‘central’ DEX’s, but instead protocols that simply make trades happen.

We wrote an article on Loopring before, which has a similar feel.

Today, we’re gonna look at a shitcoin called 0x.

Let’s dig in. *puts Whisky down* (Blue Label, w00t)

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PIVX – Shitcoin Review

Whether you were selling crack on Silk Road, or you simply understand the importance of maintaining personal privacy as an inherent human right, you are probably looking at some privacy shitcoins.

We love looking into these coins. One day we’ll do a comparison on a bunch of privacy coins, but today we’re looking at one shitty little coin that has caught our attention over the past year: PIVX (Private Instant Verified Transaction…but no one calls it this).

Let’s dig in and learn some shit.

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